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  • What is the Erotic ball?
    The Erotic Ball is just one sexy big party where you can leave your inhibitions at the door. All of our venues have multiple rooms where you can dance, flirt, drink, chill out, and watch some sexy entertainment. Our sexy entertainment changes every year and it can include burlesque performers, erotic dancers, strippers, pole dancers, artistic performances, and more! There's also mutiple DJ's and prizes for the best dressed. The dress theme is always "erotic"
  • What is the dress code – can we wear normal clothes?
    Sorry, you will not be allowed into the event wearing normal clothes! ​ The Dress Code is 'Erotic' – there are no limits if your imagination allows it. If you need to purchase some sexy gear please click here. ​ Some dress suggestions are: Bodypaint Latex or leather Lingerie B&D or kink gear Sexy uniforms Tassels or feathers Fancy dress (but with an erotic theme please!) Tight and revealing clothes See-through mesh or fishnet ​ Please do not wear normal or boring formal clothes, T-shirts, jeans, suits etc. (or you will be asked to leave) For more ideas check out our gallery page.
  • Why is the venue and accommodation kept secret?
    We reveal where the accommodation and venue is once you have bought tickets. We keep it secret to keep away the wowsers and pervents and anyone trying to crash the party. If you need more details on the geographical location of the venue or accommodation feel free to drop us a line at
  • What type of hotel is included in the accommodation package?
    The hotel is a well known 4 star hotel, which is only a 5 min cab/ube ride from the ball venue. We offer 1 and 2 night packages, extra nights are available by request and subject to availability.
  • Do you have changing facilities?
    Yes, there is a changing area just after you enter the venue.
  • Is there a cloak room?
    Yes, there will be a staffed cloakroom available at the event. You’re welcome to leave personal belongings such as handbags, backpacks, umbrellas, or any other valuables in our cloakroom at a cost of $3 per item. The cloakroom will open at 8pm minutes and close 15 minutes after the event ends. When using our cloakroom, you agree that we do not accept responsibility for the loss or damage of your belongings.
  • Is nudity allowed?
    Upper body nudity is fine – lower genitals may not be exposed micro thongs/bikinis are fine. Footwear must be also worn, no bare feet allowed for safety reasons. Dress less and dress to tease. See our gallery for hundreds of ideas.
  • Do I have to be vaccinated to attend?
    As of April 2022 the Queensland and NSW Governments dropped all manadatory vaccination mandates for licensed venues. This means that anybody can now attend the Erotic Ball.
  • Do you have security?
    Yes, we have excellent and well-organised security at the door to refuse entry to the curious and people hoping to attend on the night without purchasing a ticket beforehand. ​ Security is also discreetly present inside and throughout the night and respect our guests wishes to enjoy the evening without feeling as if they are being ‘watched’. We also work with the QLD Police before the event in order to notify them of the content and that the night is full of adults (including off duty policemen) having fun!
  • Are there facilities for Disabled People?
    Disabled people are very welcome but unfortanetly for the Sydney Erotic Ball, there are 2 flights of stairs and no lifts. For any special needs or clarification please email us with details of your condition and requirements and we will plan to ensure you have a great night.
  • Can I book my ticket at the venue or collect at the venue?
    You cannot book your ticket at the venue but you can arrange to collect the ticket on the night. ​ Tickets must be pre-booked and paid for before the night. No payments will be taken on the night. You can buy tickets here
  • Is sex allowed at the venue?
    No – save it for after the event. The ball is all about letting your hair down and meeting other lifestyles and curious couples. If you feel the need to have sex take them back to your room. ​ A bigger turn on is when people get really close, such as on the dance floor, enjoying each other's company and sexy gear. ​ It is always wise to book a hotel close by for emergencies!
  • Will there be any singles allowed?
    Single Ladies are welcome, sorry single guys are not allowed, we have tried this in the past but we have had too many complaints. Men turning up without their partner, for whatever reason, will not be allowed to attend, nor will they have their tickets refunded.
  • Am I allowed to take my camera or mobile phone camera to take pictures?
    Ticket holders are strictly not allowed to take cameras or pictures at the event. Any pictures taken at The Sensual Ball later found to have entered the public domain will render the picture taker and distributor liable to civil prosecution. ​ People found with cameras will be asked to leave immediately without question. This applies to mobile phone cameras also. ​ Only our official photographers are allowed to take a camera onto the premises.
  • What is the difference between The Erotic Ball and other adult balls?
    There are a lot of halls and dances out there focusing on specific lifestyles (gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, swingers). The Erotic Ball appeals to all the lifestyles and they come together to enjoy each other's company and show themselves off. P.S did we mention that we are Australia's sexiest party?
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