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The Erotic Ball welcomes the Sydney kink community.

On October 8 the Erotic Ball takes place at a secret venue near the Sydney CBD and as well as sensual entertainment the ball will also feature a BDSM/bondage/impact display from The Sydney Kink Social group (SKS)

SKS is a monthly pub gathering which is open to everyone and occurs on the third Saturday of each month.

SKS is very newbie friendly with are greeters that will welcome you and, if you're nervous, will introduce you to like-minded people. A variety of ice-breaker games are offered such as kinky Truth or Dare Jenga (topple the tower and you might get a spanking!), Cards Against Humanity, or other similar games to stimulate discussion to get to know one another.

TEEZ, a separate event to SKS, is a newbie-friendly play party held in Sydney's Inner West. Where you can experience many forms of beginner BDSM, such as impact play, rope / Shibari, and D/S roleplay, wax play, and electro play.

TEEZ have team members who can offer their services in all of these types of play to try.

SKS team members will be offering test drives of impact play at the 2022 Erotic ball. Talk to the SKS team if you'd like to try impact play on the night.

SKS and TEEZ are ALL-INCLUSIVE events open to all members of the kink community and are transgender and LGBTQI+ friendly.



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